Is It Possible Justice Dept Blackmailed Siegelman Judge?

If you are following the case of the selective prosecution of Alabama Governor Siegelman, this is of great interest.
Why did the judge go along with everything the Justice Department wanted in this sham trial? Maybe this answers the question: Daily Kos: DOJ Scandal Deepens, Siegelman Judge Exposed
Summary: Before the trial the judge was accused of pension fraud, misuse of his office, perjury, criminal conspiracy and obstruction of the FBI’s background check for the Federal Judiciary. But the Justice Department didn’t do anything about this – never responded at all. And then along comes the Seigelman prosecution.

The charges were submitted to the DOJ’s public integrity section by a respected defense attorney who conducted a routine investigation prior to trying a major case. The charges were sufficiently credible to get judge Fuller removed from that case. However, he was allowed to preside over the Siegelman case. These charges of criminal activity were corroborated by signed documents by public officials involved in exposing the alleged pension fraud by Judge Fuller.

From Harper’s Magazine.