2 thoughts on “Is Giuliani A Hero?

  1. What kind of mud-slinging crap is this? This is why I don’t read the Huffington Post.
    Before 9/11 Giuliani had one major accomplishment worth discussing; his Quality of Life campaign. The results are still with us to a great extent. Crime is still lower, and the city is still much cleaner. Just before 9/11 Giuliani was acting like a raving maniac politically, having family problems, and prostate cancer all at the same time. Seemed like the end of Giuliani, politically if not totally.
    After 9/11 he somehow pulled himself together and led the city out of this crisis. No riots, no looting, no shortages. For contrast, compare post 9/11 New York City with post Katrina New Orleans. I’m not sure that anyone but Giuliani could have done as good a job.

  2. Right On MJ! The premise of Boyce’s post is that Giuliani became a hero because of circumstance and not because of the caliber of person he is. Mayor Nagin of New Orleans is the counterpoint. Imagine Nagin running for president!

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