Is George W. Bush Capable of Fighting the War on Terror?

Note: The below is the short form of a much longer piece which can be found here. The long form documents everything I say at length, with over a hundred links.

They say that the 2004 election will be about defense and security. On these issues, Bush’s ties with the Saudis are his weak spot. If we attack this weak spot, we win.

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Some question the Democrats’ credibility on defense and the War on Terror, but in reality, George W. Bush is the one we should be questioning. Both before and after 9/11 his performance was unsatisfactory — in large part because of his close ties to the Saudis. The 9/11 attacks were led, manned, and funded by Saudis, and Bush’s war in Iraq was a diversion which had nothing to do with fighting terror.

Bush was uninterested in terrorism during his campaign and during the first months of his term, and Republicans ridiculed and sabotaged President Clinton’s efforts in that area. We can expect the 9/11 Commission’s report to be a coverup, but there is already ample evidence that the Bush administration was grossly negligent in its handling of the terrorist threat during the months leading up to 9/11. And rather than 9/11 being “the day that changed everything”, for the Bush administration it was the day that changed nothing. They just went ahead with their pre-existing plans to invade Iraq.

Saudi Arabia is the key to terrorism — but the Saudis haven’t even been touched yet, and in fact have repeatedly been favored by the Bush administration. 9/11 was only the most recent and most lethal of several attacks by Saudis on Americans, and the Saudis have never cooperated with the United States in the investigation of any of these crimes. Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda still have supporters in Saudi Arabia — some them influential in government. For decades the Saudis have been financing fundamentalists and terrorism in foreign lands (including Osama himself until not too long before 9/11.)

George W. Bush is incapable of fighting the War onTerror. He and his family (as will be seen below) have too many Saudi friends and business partners to be willing or able to confront them effectively. The United States needs a new President who is able to get the job done.

Democrats should make this their issue, amd they should also prepare themselves for some kind of big surprise between now and November — a new war, a new terrorist attack, or the capture of Osama. We should have our responses ready: This is not the time to fight a new war. If there’s a new terrorist attack, then Bush has failed. And capturing Osama (who?) has already taken far too long.

It’s not the Democrats who lack credibility. It’s George W. Bush.