Is Bush Founding an Islamic State in Iraq?

In their ongoing effort to provide cover for Bush, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, the Right is now excusing that Iraq is forming an Islamic State. See The Fourth Rail: Islam, Democracy and Iraq’s Constitution:

One of the most controversial items from a western standpoint is the role Islam will play in the laws of Iraq. The common cry [paraphrased] is “did we sacrifice our soldiers to establish an Islamist state?” . . . The text of the constitution gives sound reason to believe Iraq is not being established as an Islamist state. . . . But to state an Islamist regime has been created based on the text of the constitution is unfounded.

Follow the trackbacks and read the comments, too. Fascinating, that this whole “Islamic State” thing is a fabrication by the Liberal Media to make Bush look bad…

But Tapped has a good post on the realities of the situation:

When contemplating the extent to which Iraq’s new constitution will implement Shiite theocracy in the country, it’s worth keeping in mind that which words appear on a piece of paper isn’t necessarily the most important thing.
[. . .] Indeed, the single most important political leader in the country is the country’s chief Shiite cleric. There are various good things you can say about the Grand Ayatollah, but as you’ll see here he clearly has retrograde views on a variety of key social issues. The political party of the prime minister (al-Dawa) is a socially conservative Islamist party. Its main coalition partner, SCIRI, is a more socially conservative, more Islamist party. The most powerful opposition movements in the country are a super-violent Islamism-inflected Sunni insurgency and the frankly anti-democratic, Khomeinist movement of Muqtada al-Sadr.
On top of that, aside from the insurgency and the U.S. military, real power outside of Kurdistan lies in the hands of violent Islamist militias with links to the less-pleasant elements of Iraq’s most powerful political parties. The foreign nation with the most influence in Iraq is Iran, which, due to being located directly next to Iraq, isn’t ever going to stop being involved in Iraqi affairs. Under the circumstances, the constitution can be as awesomely liberal as you like, and it won’t make a whit of difference. [Visit original to follow its links]

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