2 thoughts on “IRS Checking Who You Voted For

  1. Of course this is illegal and of course they’ll use the information. I went through this when I was politically active in the 60s. I had an utterly standard job, no chance to cheat, the paycheck came in, the money went out to pay bills, and I was audited every year. But at least then I was politically active, not just a registered Democrat.
    I’m very interested too in the fact that the IRS appears to actually be contracting out its duties! Is that legal, and isn’t there an awful risk of having our right to privacy violated with this going on? Especially since we don’t even have a clue to what kinds of private companies this is being farmed out to? Prisoners, maybe? Since they seem to have prisoners doing every other kind of job for virtually no pay, why not have them handling our tax returns? We need to find out more about this especially who’s actually seeing our super-private business.

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