Iraq’s Weapons

It strikes me that the arguments about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction are a lot like the right’s accusations during the “Clinton Scandals” of the 1990s. It was a pre-ordained assumption that the Clintons were guilty of something, and that an investigation was required to find out just what it was. The lack of any evidence of wrongdoing was proof of a coverup. Every new disclosure was infused with sinister connotations. In the end it turned out that not one single accusation was true – it was all made fabricated as part of a campaign to destroy Clinton’s presidency. The blowjob was not related to the initial accusations in any way.

I don’t know whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction or not. But have seen no evidence that they do, and I know that inspectors found no evidence. Gas masks found with Iraqi army units is not necessarily as sinister as it seems. Iraq was attacked with gas by Iran, so this would be standard equipment. And the U.S. has said they will be using CS and CN gas.

I have seen many discussion of why the Iraqis haven’t used chemical weapons yet. Perhaps the non-use of chemical weapons isn’t part of a plot to draw the forces closer and then gas them, and isn’t part of a propaganda plan to increase sympathy. Perhaps the non-use is because they non-possess. We’ll see.

Update – “Coalition” forces also have not yet found documents linking Iraq to 9/11.

Update – “Coalition” forces have encountered resistance from Iraqis they are supposedly “liberating.”

Update – “Coalition” forces have not yet validated any other pretenses for this war, either. However, the oil fields have been secured and campaign donors are getting contracts to manage the oil fields and rebuild Iraq. So the operation is successful regardless of further events.

Note to the commenter on the Hullabaloo piece below – I didn’t use caps, I didn’t use bold, I didn’t use italics, and there are no exclamation marks in this piece. I think it looks like a lot of plain text that non-academics might choose to skip over. Yes, I used to be in marketing.