Iraq, Redundant Again

Labor Day is the traditional start of political campaign season. This year, Labor Day was also when the drumbeat for war really kicked in. Coincidence? You decide.

Is there any evidence that anything in Iraq has changed NOW? Is there a reason this is happening NOW instead of 3 months ago?

To be redundant again, we learned from VietNam that the country must be together when we go into a conflict. If things do not go well, we could be in this for a long time and our forces will NEED the country behind them. It must not begin with a potential for domestic conflict built into the origins of the effort! ANY appearance of domestic political considerations being part of the calculation must be avoided at all costs. Yet here we have the Administration firing up the war talk in sync with campaign season. That is potentially divisive, to put it mildly.

If this were REALLY a national emergency, the leaders would be doing everything they could to avoid it being associated with Congressional election season. This has Carl Rove written all over it. Congress MUST find out if this has as any part of it an attempt to manipulate the elections. We MUST know if our leadership is capable of the monstrous crime of terrifying the public with false war scares.