“Iraq on the Record”

Got this off a Green Party email list. Thought it worth redistributing:
This is a searchable collection of 237 specific misleading statements made by Bush, put together by Democratic House Member Henry Waxman of Los Angeles. Note the focus: this is a database of LIES, not mistakes or false statements made as the result of incorrect information.

It contains statements that were misleading based on what was known to the Administration at the time the statements were made. It does not include statements that appear mistaken only in hindsight. If a statement was an accurate reflection of U.S. intelligence at the time it was made, it was excluded even if it now appears erroneous.

Please email this URL and the information below to everyone you know. Spread the truth to help bring America back to its senses.

Excerpts from the original email:
This week we have been subjected to an intense disinformation campaign by the Bush administration. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld have been declaiming that Democrats and antiwar critics are rewriting the history of the
lead up to the war in Iraq. McCarthyite slander by the administration and other Republicans is being directed at anyone who stands up and speaks out.
“Iraq on the Record” is searchable by the the five Administration officials most responsible for providing public information and shaping public opinion on Iraq:
President George W. Bush
Vice President Dick Cheney
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell
Then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice
It is also searchable by issue area:
Iraq’s Nuclear Capabilities
Chemical and Biological Weapons
Iraq and Al-Qaeda
Iraq as an Urgent Threat
In addition, it is searchable by keyword, such as “mushroom cloud”, “uranium”, or “bin Laden.”

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