Iraq – Everything Going To Hell

Sunnis Suspend Taking Part in Iraq Panel

Sunni Muslim members on a committee drafting
Iraq’s new constitution suspended their participation Wednesday in the wake of a colleague’s assassination, saying they need more security.
[. . .] “This place is unfit” for recruiting, said Capt. Hussein Ali, a police officer. “This is the seventh or the eighth attack on the same place.”

It’s hard to put into words just how bad this is. It could mean civil war. The United States had a moral, ethical and legal obligation to provide sufficient security after we invaded. The looting and riots that followed the invasion – and our government’s lack of concern – showed that sucurity just was not on the radar of the right-wingers in charge. They dispatched sufficient forces to guard the Oil Ministry, but didn’t bother to inspect the supposed WMD sites. They didn’t even bother to guard the high-explosive storage depots!
But now, beyond the deaths of somany American troops and Iraqi civilians, we see that there was a geopolitical reason to provide security as well – even if they didn’t care about the people. Their own empire-building agenda is undermined, and an Iranian-linked Islamic Republic hostile to the United States is the most likely outcome.
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Through Atrios, Ayatollah You So,

And what kind of surrealist cover story would the GOP propaganda machine come up with to convince the Fox News audience that fighting and dying to keep Khomeini lovers in power is really a good thing?

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