Iraq – deadliest place to be a child, anywhere.

Experts Tally Iraq War’s Health Cost

Health professionals worry about the war’s long-term impact in Iraq, noting that Iraqi children have the lowest rate of survival to age 5 in the world. [Emphasis mine, TL] One in 8 dies between the ages of 1 and 5, many as a result of combat or diseases, including treatable infections and cholera. Roughly 270,000 children have received no vaccinations since the start of the war, and 68 percent of the population cannot access safe drinking water.

this is success, one to two trillion dollars later?

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  1. We took a functioning, wealthy, modern country and drove it to the something worse than the stone age. They had electricity, clean water, hospitals, and now what do they have? They’d have been better off if they’d never left the stone age and knew how to cope with utterly primitive conditions. And by the way, how much of those several trillion dollars was supposed to be for rebuilding and re-establishing things like the water and sewer systems, electricity, hospitals, etc.?

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