Iraq, Better?

It is possible, just possible,that things have gotten just a little bit better in Iraq. If so, this is a good thing, for all concerned. Let’s just hope it is true. Maybe with a bit of breathing room the world can start to find a way out of the terrible, terrible mess that Bush and the Republicans have created for the entire region.
American and Iraqi casualties are down a bit: U.S. forces welcome least deadly month of Iraq push
Of course, the people still live in terrible fear, neighborhoods are experiencing “ethnic cleansing,” millions of refugees have fled, death squads act with near-impunity, and the Iraqi Parliament responds, Bush-style, by leaving on vacation.
But maybe, just maybe, things are a bit better than they were. Let’s hope so.

2 thoughts on “Iraq, Better?

  1. For the record, July casualties in Iraq since the war began:
    2003 – 48
    2004 – 54
    2005 – 54
    2006 – 43
    2007 – 78
    Astonishing progressively signs of normalcy! Last throes, if you will.

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