iPhone Question: How Do I Go Back To iOS 5?

Question for readers: How can I take an iPhone 4 back from iOS 6 back to iOS 5?
The Maps app isn’t just really, really bad – terrible – it’s downright dangerous. It’s wrong. An incorrect map is not something I will trust. Lots of reasons, but I need a good and correct maps app. (And never mind what happens if I want to take trains or buses…)
This is a dealbreaker, and I think I’ll be all done with Apple products now. The ONLY reason to pay Apple’s extreme, premium, incredibly high prices (15″ Mac laptop starts at $1800!) was because when you bought something from Apple it worked, was better than anything else, and an upgrade improved the product. Apple isn’t doing that anymore. They changed maps to fit into a corporate strategy, and didn’t give a shit about how it affected customers — just more corporate greed, so forget this.
So how can I take my iPhone back from iOS6 to iOS5?

2 thoughts on “iPhone Question: How Do I Go Back To iOS 5?

  1. As a life-long Apple user I have learned (the hard way) to never, ever update software or hardware the second it comes out. Wait at minimum 6 months before adopting anything new from Apple.
    I edit video on my computer, so I can’t afford downtime.
    But I gotta say, dumping all of Apple over their map app is a bit extreme. I learned that tech was making me dumb: I no longer remembered phone numbers or addresses, so I stopped having my phone remember them for me. I stopped relying on maps, no map software is perfect, I’d rather know what I am doing than rely on an app.
    I have analog backups for most everything: physical maps I can look at even when there’s no signal or the battery is dead.
    So Apple rolled out their map app before it was ready, so what? There are lots and lots of working map apps out there, and there’s always using your actual brain!

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