Interviews with Guantanamo Lawyers

Over the last year Seth Farber of The Talking Dog, a lawyer himself, has interviewed five lawyers representing a total of seven men being held at Guantanamo.
It’s depressing stuff, but well worth reading to get filled in on the details of the Bush regime’s lawlessness. All legal restraints are being ignored: American civilian law, American military law, international law, and the Geneva Conventions. The Constitution is defied, and if I’m not mistaken these violations are not matters of nuances of interpretation, but touch on the main points that the American Revolution was all about: cruel and unusual punishment, habeus corpus, ex post facto laws, and bills of attainder.

The Interviews:

Josh Colangelo Bryan (Jan 25, 2006), lawyer for Al Dossari, Salah Abdul Rasool Al Blooshi and Essa Al Murbati.
Baher Azmy (Jan 9 2006), lawyer for Murat Kernaz.
Andrew Patel (Jan 5, 2006), lawyer for Jose Padilla.
Neal Katyal (Oct 6 2005), lawyer for Salim Hamdan.
Josh Dratel (May 10, 2005), lawyer for David Hicks.
Donna Newman (April 19 2005), lawyer for Jose Padilla.

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  1. And the Australian government finds nothing at all wrong with this – say about Blair what you want, but at least his government got the British detainees out of Guantanamo Bay.

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