Interview With an Anarchist

I’m posting from a Starbucks on Boylston, about a block and a half from a park where several anarchists are gathered. I just interviewed a young man named Ricky, who says to use the last name “Fight Capitalism!” He’s from New Jersey. He’s one of two holding a banner that says, “MAKE KERRY WALK THE PLANK”. He’s wearing a mask.

Ricky says he will check here later and post comments if I don’t accurately convey our conversation. Also, Ricky, please feel free to ADD anything you want to say. I know I always think of things later that I wanted to say.

I start by asking, “Why?”

Ricky: “There’s really no difference that matters. Both support the war. Both probably support the draft. They are both funded by the corporate elite. Both of the party campaigns are financed by the corporate elite.”

I asked if he had heard about what Moore is saying here, in Boston, asking the Greens and Nader voters to support Kerry anyway in this election because it is so important.

Ricky: “It’s bullshit.” (He doesn’t mean that what I’m saying Moore said is bullshit.) “It’s all pay to play. The only way to make it work is to have more candidates and more parties. If Moore was a real liberal he’d support 3rd parties because of the corporate financing. He’s done a lot of good with his movies, but he’s just a reformer.” He repeated “just a reformer” but I don’t have the exact quote.

I asked about the Dean campaign, funded by lots of people giving small donations.

Ricky: “That’s really cool, the whole idea.”

He asked me to say that the reason he is wearing the mask is because “the cops are swarming us, FBI, cops, taking pictures to put in files, so we wear the masks for our own security.” I told him I was doing what he’s doing now, back in the 60’s with Vietnam, and they certainly were taking pictures and keeping files back then.

Ricky is on the left side of this picture.

It happens that I KNOW some of the major funders of the Democrats, both from a past life as a Silicon Valley person, and from my day job, which is trying to help start organizations that will be a “Progressive infrastructure” to counter the massive communications/propaganda machine that the Right has in place, that is much of the reason they have become so successful in elections. (For more info on this, please read this transcript of my recent talk at the national Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) convention. Get past the parts that are specifically about trial lawyers — this is happening to ALL of us!)

I am sure that Ricky would be very surprised to learn that when I talk to people who are major funders of the party, (I was talking to one ten minutes before I met Ricky), they pretty much agree with him that the corporate influence is a danger to people and to our democracy. They are all VERY concerned about what is happening! This is WHY they are funding Kerry and the Democrats! Think about this, if they wanted corporate rule in America, wouldn’t they just put their money into Bush at this point? What would be the POINT of giving money to the Democrats NOW if you want more, not less, corporate influence over our government?

So the question is, how do the Democrats get the word out to people like Ricky?

I also understand how Ricky feels. I used to be a Green. I realized it was a mistake.

Note – I had to rewrite this completely from scratch. I promise that the first draft was much better. 😉 I lost 45 minutes of typing because Blogger burped. This happens all the time. And these guys are going to sell STOCK for $130 a SHARE????