1 thought on “Interrogator

  1. Eric says, “While I was appalled by the conduct of my friends and colleagues, I lacked the courage to challenge the status quo. That was a failure of character and in many ways made me complicit in what went on. I’m ashamed of that failure, but as time passes, and as the memories of what I saw in Iraq continue to infect my every thought, I’m becoming more ashamed of my silence.”
    … we’re all complicit. Almost one of us, with perhaps a few exceptions, have devoted the amount of time and energy appropriate to the scale of this disaster, almost none of us have locked ourselves to the gates of the White House and refused to be removed… harassed our representatives until they spoke out, not just in a token fashion, but as a serious and committed and active opponent of the war willing to put their careers on the line… we’re all guilty, we are the Germans of the 21st Century, and god help us when the chickens come home to roost and the country is called to account and we the citizens of the United States are called to account for the many and varied sins of our government.

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