From The Independent Institute, Fear for the Future of the Republic:

“The Bush administration has been able to get away with badly distorting reality because the public doesn’t have as much personal experience with foreign policy and security issues as they do with issues such as education, health care, the economy, etc. In addition, many people were unnerved by the 9/11 attacks and their residual fear prevented them from taking a chance on an unknown quantity such as John Kerry. Unbelievably, despite gross incompetence by the administration in fighting the “war on terror” and the conflict in Iraq, the public, by wide margins, rated Bush as better able to fight both of them than Kerry.”

This is by Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute in Oakland, California.

I’m pointing to this because this institute has been sending me great stuff lately, and I think they deserve a bit of attention.