Insurance Companies

Our dental insurance company just surprised us with a new rule (by refusing to pay for something).
While they say they will cover two cleanings per year, the new rule is that they won’t pay for any cleanings that are within 6 months of another cleaning, even if you still have only two per year. (This follows several other tricks in the last year or two that have resulted in our having to pay for everything, even though we are insured.)
Note – if you think about it this means that in two years you can only have three cleanings paid for unless you schedule them to the DAY with 6 months on either side…
BIG CLUE – the new California Insurance Commissioner is a Republican.
Additional note – my wife, who is in all other cases against the death penalty is coming around to advocate the death penalty for cases like this.

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  1. I’ll help with the guillotine, too. I’ll catch the heads in a basket and put them on poles.

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