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Another screed from Paul Craig Roberts arrived in my inbox this morning… this time, about the rush to war against Iran and how party loyalty has become the “controlling virtue” of the Republican Party. A link at the top of the email lead me to, which he regularly writes for. Novel, to say the least: a conservative (and make no mistake, he remains one) lobbing one broadside after another at Dubya and his criminal coitere! How is this possible?!? Why hasn’t he fallen in line behind the Bush Administration with the rest of the “conservative” movement?
Simple: he’s a small-l libertarian, and thus his politics are orthagonal to the left/right axis that political beliefs in this country conventional align themselves along… this is why he is associated with the The Independent Institute, the strongest and most consistent “conservative” critic of state power, the war in Iraq, and Bush’s attacks on civil liberties and the Constitution. While I disagree with many of the positions taken by the folks there, I admire them for their forthright consistency: they oppose the expansion of state power in any form, and most definitely, in the form this administration has taken… destruction of civil liberties, disregard for the Constitution, vast expansion of the war machine, etc. No politics of convenience for these guys (unlike the rest of the right).

The cynic in me wonders if they are permitted to continue to exist in order to provide an outlet for frustrations of these sorts, or if the organization has paid a price for its ongoing and vociferous criticism of the war in Iraq and the Bush Administrations ever expanding view of Presidential perogatives.

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  1. The mayor of NYC has declared he’s going to support whatever is best for NYC rather than the Republican party as such, and the state Republicans are trying to bully him back into lock step. The top Republican in the State Senate has literally threatened to “bloody his nose.” Yeah, they expect complete conformity, and an awful lot of not only conservative groups that tend to think for themselves and stick to what they believe but also large elements of the Religious Right are breaking away. Like a huge portion of the Evangelical Christians deciding officially that they are going to campaign for doing something about global warming, whether the administration likes it or not.

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