Increasing Our Numbers – Things You Can Do

I have been writing about how Progressive blog readers are so much more well-informed than those who get their information only from the “mainstream” media. There are many factors at work, including the Right’s targeting of mainstream opinion leaders with what I call their “conventional wisdom machine.” There’s also concentration of ownership, corporate control and general cost-cutting (leading to overworked members of the media trying to quickly cover subjects about which they are not well-informed.) So I think we all agree that blogs are an important supplement for those wishing to understand what is happening in the country and the world – including members of the media.

There is also a surprising consensus of opinion on many issues among progressive bloggers. (My favorite is how bloggers and blog-readers were almost unanimous in their support of Senator Boxer for voting to examine the Ohio election results.) And this consensus is so often at odds with the elected officials of the Democratic Party.

So here’s the thing. If we’re going to have an effect on events – and get more leaders to stand up for us like Boxer – we’re going to have to get more people reading Progressive blogs. So I am asking blog readers to recruit more readers. This is a call to action. Send e-mails to like-minded friends and relatives suggesting blogs to read. Send this post to political e-mail lists. Write letters to editors mentioning blogs – and include the web addresses of those blogs. Call phone-in radio shows and mention blogs. Leave flyers at coffee shops listing blogs and their web addresses. Hand out these flyers at Democratic Party meetings, environmental group meetings, etc. (Here is an article I wrote for local Democratic Party organizations (alternate source) that can serve as a template for a flyer. Add your favorite blogs.)