Incompetent Hit-Job On Gore

The Washington Post hires far-right Weekly Standard editor Andrew Ferguson to “review” Al Gore’s book The Assault On Reason. And what does the guy do? In the first line of the review he writes, “You can’t really blame Al Gore for not using footnotes in his new book…” to imply that Gore made up an Abraham Lincoln quote. Ferguson (and the editors) misses that Gore’s book has endnotes! No one even checks whether it is a real Lincoln quote! And all this gets into print in the Washington Post!
And there’s more. Tom Schaller writes about it in TAPPED. Go read.
Update – Eric Boehlert at Media Matters, The media’s assault on reason,

But such is life for Al Gore when dealing with the Beltway press, where his vociferous critics cannot be bothered with the simplest fact-checking task, while oblivious media outlets such as the Post print up the errors.
Of course the thick irony here is that Gore’s book laments the state of our crumbling national dialogue, yet it’s the press that often deliberately dumbs down and interrupts our “conversation of democracy.” Gore doesn’t often explicitly connect the dots in his book, but the press remains a culprit throughout.

2 thoughts on “Incompetent Hit-Job On Gore

  1. … cutbacks in newsroom employment mean that basic editorial quality control goes out the window… which I’m sure the right-wing doesn’t mind.

  2. … the Lincoln quote, if you read through the comments on the TAPPED site, was sourced via endnotes (which the writer failed to mention), and through a book called “The Lincoln Encyclopedia”. The right would like you to think that the issue of the quote’s accuracy is settled in favor of it being mis-attributed, but the jury appears to be out on that question: see
    for more information on this.
    Of course, as another commentator pointed out, the meme that “Al Gore’s book is full of falsehoods” is now widely propagated, so the damage has been done.

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