Inches and Rope to Right-Wingers?

The Daou Report links to this piece: I believe Bush* will go down in history as being a Liberal Hero:

“I believe Nader was right. Things are going to have to get a lot worse before they get better and Bush* is the man to do that very thing. He will be responsible for the collapse of the Dollar and America’s esteem world wide. There will be a backlash and Liberal values will become the Law of the land. We will decide it is in the interest of the USA to take care of it’s citizens first and not let Corporate America rule over their lives. America will be on the point of total collapse before Bush*’s second term is done. Republicans will have proved beyond any doubt that they are anything but financial wizards. People are going to get fed up with having Christianity shoved down their throats and the two decade long ‘temporary insanity’ that has overtaken America will be cured. America has a very bright future and it is all because of this Bush* Cabal. All we have to do is survive him now. This pattern of though is what is keeping me going. Remember ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining'”

I had a nice reply ready to post here, but the first comment, by “jpgray,” said what I was going to say far better and in many fewer words:

Ernst Thalmann thought the same thing.

He died in Buchenwald.

Take these people seriously, and fight them at every opportunity. Don’t give them an inch. Don’t “give them enough rope.” I really don’t like to think about right-wingers with ropes — because more likely than not they will hang YOU.

Watch your backs.