In Salon: Bush’s war on truth News | Bush’s war on truth:

“The Bush campaign is twisting the meaning of a quote from Sen. John Kerry to the breaking point, making it clear that the president and his supporters will not allow facts to get in their way.”

Yes, we know. He lies. They just lie.

But so what? You and I, we read weblogs, so we know all about this. The public doesn’t know it, and hardly anyone is telling them. Weblogs don’t count. You and I are in an “echo chamber;” WE know things, so we assume everyone does. In fact, what we know and understand is very different from what the rest of American knows and understands. Remember, the most recent polls still show that half of all Americans think that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks, had WMDs and that we found them. Every time someone calls Iraq part of the “war on terror” this just confuses matters further. This is a “frame” they have put together, and each time it is repeated it reinforces itself.

The Right has the entire AM radio band broadcasting 24/7 telling America how Kerry and Democrats lie to them, and that “the liberal media” should not be trusted, especially if they report things that are bad about Republicans — like that they lie. The far right has FOX News and the NY Post and Drudge and most of the TV pundits and most of the newspaper pundits, and ALL the Republicans all repeating the same line over and over. And then, the rest of the media is “centrist” which means they don’t want to appear “extreme” by pointing out where the President is lying. This is not to mention those in the mainstream corporate media who are not rightists but are outright spouting a pro-Bush line.

In fact, the Bush people are so brazen and sure of themselves that President Bush said the other day, I think if you’re gonna make an accusation in the course of a presidential campaign, you ought to back it up with facts. Imagine what universe America lives in when the Bush people can get away with saying that KERREY needs to back up his accusations with facts!

So how do we get more and more people checking “progressive” news sources, so that they will learn about what is really going on? The news is here, but we have to get people to it.