In October? No Surprise.

Over at Calpundit Kevin says:

“The idea that the Bush administration is somehow keeping Osama under wraps in order to spring an ‘October Surprise’ that will guarantee their reelection is a common topic of gossip, but not something that anyone (yet) has been willing to broach in serious news pages — and for pretty obvious reasons.”

What are the obvious reasons? Thinking this through, (sorry, Tom), I can come up with a number of reasons but there aren’t any obvious ones – at least to me.

Is Kevin saying that it is obvious the press isn’t picking this up because it’s a wild, fringe idea that the Bush people might do something like this? How wild is it when you consider that this is the crowd that took the country to war against a country that had not attacked or even threatened us instead of finishing the task of capturing or killing the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11? AND that this is the crowd that used the timing of that war to manipulate the 2002 elections? Wild compared to that?

Or is he saying that it is obvious the press isn’t writing about this because the press is either controlled by or intimidated by the Bush corporatists?

Is he saying it is obvious because it is obvious that they are holding Osama for use in an October surprise?

Uh oh, my wife is looking at me tapping faster and faster on the keys, and she’s getting that “there you go again getting all worked up” expression that tells me I had better calm down.