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This just out from Media Transparency. The Apparat — George Bush’s Back-Door Political Machine

“…a vast machine that … has “played a critical role in helping the Republican Party to dominate state, local and national politics.” It is now operating at full throttle to keep Bush in office.

Though its activists like to call themselves conservatives, there is nothing they wish to “conserve” beyond their power, status, and wealth. They are right-wing radicals who have stolen the GOP away from the true conservatives who once dominated it.”

Please go read this. It talks about how and why the Right is so powerful now, and how “behind-the-scenes” forces are working to keep the Right in power.


“The architectural shape of the right-wing counter-establishment resembles the apparatus that ran the Soviet Union. The Russians called it the “apparat” — a vast bureaucratic web of power that housed the organs, official and unofficial, of the ruling Communist Party.

It included the administrative departments that fictively ran the Soviet government. In fact, the party ran it all. Its ruling Politburo and Central Committee were paramount. The Soviet apparat was headed by a privileged ruling class, the nomenklatura, manned by a faceless army of bureaucrats, the apparatchiki.

[. . .] The American apparat of the far right can be viewed as a variant of the Soviet model – amorphous in overlapping functions at the top but monolithic in its aims. It is an external government that guides the federal government. In a stunning sense, it is counter-revolutionary and anti-Constitutional.

The American apparat has learned from the failures of the Iran-Contra and Watergate operations, which functioned within the government, and were thus subject to governmental oversight and correction. Not so the apparat. With its operations spread over a spectrum external to government, it attracts neither official nor media attention. It operates invisibly — in the open.

[. . .] Like its Soviet counterpart, the American apparat is also a closed society, largely unelected and unaccountable to the body politic, and casts its penumbra upon the White House. As in the former USSR, there is little discussion or debate. Loyalty is absolute — “you are either with us or you are with our enemies.” Under Bush and Cheney, brisk exchanges of view, the engine of policy formation in prior administrations, are discouraged. Cabinet meetings are scripted for a president unprepared for spontaneous exchanges (as revealed in documents posted by Ron

Suskind, that were used to research his best-selling The Price of Loyalty).

The endgame for the apparat is a one-party state in which elections project only a vestigial appearance of democratic process. It is run, in effect, by the ruling oligarchy, whose members are beholden only to the apparat.

[. . .] The apparat’s media-attack organizations are charged with keeping journalists in line, mobilizing the base to wage harassment campaigns against media organizations and reporters they dub as too “liberal.” Journalists who dare criticize the Administration are priority targets for abuse. For that reason, among others, Americans learn almost nothing from mainstream media about the apparat, whose media-attack operations effectively silenced Hillary Clinton’s charges of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” operating against her husband’s administration.”

Bloggers — PLEASE point to this story! Everyone should read this.