Impeachment Resolution – Spread the Word

Dennis Kucinich read a resolution to impeach Cheney on the floor of the House today. Watch the video. Send the link to friends – you can send e-mails of this post by clicking the “E-mail this” at the end of the post, or by going to the comments, and scrolling down:
Spread the word, people! Make this the most-watched video on YouTube. Send a message! Ask them to call their Representative asking them to vote for Kucinish’s resolution. Make this a WAVE.

This is democracy, people. Get out in the streets and demand Dems support this!

1 thought on “Impeachment Resolution – Spread the Word

  1. This is an important statement to be made, it’s too bad the House spent the whole day dodging the issue. I think if there was a time to impeach the Devil, it would have been right after the GOP pummeling in last year’s elections. On the other hand, if enough people demand this of their leaders, who knows? Well, that’s assuming our leaders listen to us. Ha.

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