I just love hearing all the Republicans talking about how undocumented workers “broke the law.” Republicans talking about how laws should be respected? Give me a break! How many laws is the Bush administration breaking? A better question – is there a law they respect?
What about enforcing the laws against warrantless wiretapping? What about the law that says the Social Security Trustees must issue their annual report to Congress by April 1? What about the laws that say people can not be punished for trying to start unions?
But back to immigration. I think we need to secure our borders. Duh! And not just to protect our own wages, but to protect against crime, terrorism, smuggling… I think we need to make it illegal rather than profitable to hire undocumented workers. I think we need to fix NAFTA because it is causing poverty south of the border, driving people across the border, while costing us jobs and benefits as well.
And we have 11 million people here who are forced to work for substandard wages which drives down the wages of citizens, and causes us to lose pensions and health care. We need to find a way to bring these people to full citizenship so they can vote. But we need to do this in a way that does not encourage more illegal immigration. Perhaps fines, back taxes, some kind of term of public service…

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  1. I think we need to fix NAFTA because it is causing poverty south of the border, driving people across the border, while costing us jobs and benefits as well.
    Sounds like a total failure. So why just “fix” and not “scrap”? OH YEAH! It was Bill Clinton’s baby! He went to the mat for it. He loved it. So it can’t REALLY be bad, can it?

  2. In my experience, those who support the same type of amnesty you do are the same ones who try to do nothing about the problem while looking like they’re doing something.
    If you want to give amnesty to those here now, what will stop us from giving amnesty to those who’ll come here to take advantage of the next amnesty, or those who’ll come here to take advantage of the amnesty after the one given to the ones who came to take advantage of the last final amnesty?
    How about starting to enforce our immigration laws now, and encourage those who are here illegally to return home? That will also discourage future illegal aliens from coming here.

  3. Amnesty? Fines and back taxes and other conditions are not amnesty. On the other hand, what is the alternative?
    I mean realistic alternatives, not fantasy alternatives.
    I said we need to secure the borders, for lots of reasons, so we aren’t talking about a “next time.” And we need to do something about the reasons people have to try to come here. NAFTA is a farce. And he Wal-Marts and corporate farming operations brought the people here so they could pay low wages. THEY should be punished for it.
    One thing that is important is that people IN the country become citizens because we can’t have a big non-voting labor force. That is a recipe for disaster. Not just in causing all wages to stay down, but also an underclass with fewer rights is dangerous.

  4. The last time we had amnesty for illegal immigrants we said there wouldn’t be a “next time.” That 11 million figure for illegals is a fiction. It’s more like 20 million. That’s one Hell of a lot of people to give amnesty to. NYC has been having a terrible problem with Chinese illegals. China won’t take them back! So now what do we do with them? One huge problem with illegals here is gang violence and other criminal activity. Chinese gang violence, gangs from various Central and S. American countries who maintain ties with their gangs at home. And of course smuggled drugs these gangs distribute, prostitution as a form of slavery, etc. Plus the expense of free medical care, social services, education, the damned list is endless. Enough already. The illegals destroy the chances of the hard working legal immigrants living here.
    It’s time to at least stop the fiction and the lies. Out on Long Island there are employment agencies and posts where the illegals stand waiting for employers to pick them up. Everybody knows this and in fact it’s official policy. Meanwhile black New York citizens are leaving the area in droves because they can’t get jobs. Some 30,000 families left last year alone. In New Orleans Haliberton is not hiring the citizens who need the work for rebuilding; they’re warehousing illegals in dorms to do it. Isn’t it just as illegal to hire illegal workers as it is to be an illegal worker?
    As a country, is it possible to drop the rhetoric and plan to do something that’s not pure shit? Can we still solve any problems at all? What we have to do about illegal immigration is (1) Control the damned borders. (2) Establish reasonable immigration policies that keep out criminals and don’t create an underclass of workers getting slave wages and no benefits. Of course if you’re a citizen and have to work for Wal-Mart that’s what you’re getting anyway, and the whole country’s fast heading in that direction. No health care, no pensions, no more 40 hr. work week, no overtime pay, they hand you the papers to fill out to apply for food stamps and welfare as they hire you, (yes they do that now) and we’ll be glad to get it.

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