I’m irritable for a reason

OK, Ashcroft’s smear (“Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win”) made it to CNN (look for “Gohel”), and now we’re protesting.

That’s all well and good, but basically the Republican story is out there now, and we’re just responding. Where’s the Democratic story? Everybody should know that Bush flubbed the War on Terror, because that’s what he did. We should have had the word out there already, but we don’t. As long as the bad guys have the initiative, they win.

Supposedly Kerry is biding his time. That’s OK for now, but unless Kerry gets his message out there loud and clear well before the election, during the last six weeks or so he’ll be batting down one smear after another, and he’ll lose. He needs to be on the attack and keep one step ahead of the Republicans; he can’t afford to sit back and respond.

I was just involved in a disagreement with some very nice, genteel liberals who were worried that the Democrats would stoop to making nasty remarks about the Bush twins. I had to confess that this particular problem was not anywhere on my list of things to worry about, and that I might actually end up sometime making a few snarky remarks about the little drunken sluts myself.

What is on my list of things to worry about? I mostly worry about seeing a lame, ever-so-professionally-run Kerry campaign getting blindsided during the last month. I also worry about Kerry ending up being a one-term president because Bush’s mess proves to be impossible to clean up. And finally I worry about Kerry continuing Bush’s Iraq policy because he’s worried about being called a dove.

Liberals and Democrats spend too much time reading Orwell and worrying about turning into Stalinists. What they should be worrying about is disappearing entirely the way the Whigs did. Liberals remind me of the cartoon of the 98-lb. weakling promising never to use his martial arts powers for evil purposes.

The Democrats don’t have any goddamn superpowers to misuse. Let’s quit worrying about it.