I’m Co-Hosting Fairness Radio Today 10-12am PT

Edward Canard, former Bain Capital partner, multimillionaire 1%er and major donor to Romney campaign will be on at 2:15 pm ET to argue for more inequality in American. Dave Johnson is substitute co-hosting, so give him a call at 424-675-6806 and talk to Canard.
Do you have something to say to a man who gave Mitt Romney $1 million? Listen at www.cyberstationusa.com (click LISTEN LIVE) or WWW.blogtalkradio (search for Fairness Radio).
Linda Killian, writer for Politics Daily, The Atlantic, US News and World Report, Newsweek and the Daily beast is on at 1:15 pm ET talking about her new book The Swing Vote. call in questions, comments at the same number and help Dave fend off the conservative co-host, Chuck Morse