I’m Back

I’m back from England. Before I write anything about that, I just noticed that a Federalist Society judge has dismissed the lawsuit challenging the secrecy of who met with Cheney’s energy task force. (Judge Bates was previously deputy independent counsel in the Washington Office of the Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.) More info on the judge is here and here.

As a deputy to Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr in 1997, Bates was a key figure in a case called Office of the President v. Office of Independent Counsel. Bates tried fervently to get the release of White House documents, winning the case when the Supreme Court refused to reconsider an appellate court ruling in Starr’s favor.

I see here that he was nominated by Bush in June, 2001 so I assume that this obvious right-wing operative was confirmed with at least some DEMOCRATIC Senators’ votes. (Gore voted for HOW many of the Supreme Court judges who later appointed Bush? Is there a LESSON here, perhaps?)