I’m back

Well, during my little break I pretty much got on top of my various computer and financial problems, and also got my family Christmas plans squared away. So I’m back on duty at Seeing the Forest.

With the election over and done with, it’s now time to concentrate on the longer view, and I’ll mostly be writing about the broad overall picture rather than about timely stuff. The two main focusses will be, “How paranoid should we be?” and “What should we be doing from here on out?”

On the first question, I’ve decided that, Godwin’s law or no Godwin’s law, Bush is not Hitler. He’s a Juan Peron for the middle class. Peron got total control of the government, bought enormous popularity while bankrupting his nation, and intimidated his enemies by fair means and foul. (The Broadway musical “Laura!” still remains to be written — let that be a hot tip for an up-and-coming young librettist out there somewhere.)

As for “What should we be doing?”, I’ll be writing about that later today.

So anyway, I’m still with you. But I have started a new, less-political site called Idiocentrism. During my two-and-a-half years of political obsession I’ve neglected many of my other interests, and if I let politics take over my life completely, Bush and Osama win.