I’ll Try Logic

AARP Opposes Bush Plan to Replace Social Security With Private Accounts.

Don’t let Republican words fool you. See the Forest. We already HAVE private accounts. We have IRAs, 401Ks, and bank accounts. Replacing Social Security with private accounts when you already have private accounts is not replacing or reforming Social Security, it is removing it.

Here’s the logic. When you have objects type A and objects type B, and you “replace” your objects type B with object types A, what you are left with is objects type A. Start with Objects type A and B, end up with only type A, what you have done is remove objects type B. Start with retirement accounts AND Social Security, end up with only retirement accounts, Social Security gone.

There is no “Social Security crisis.” That is a lie. Repeat this over and over until the idea that there is a “Social Security crisis” starts to work its way out of your brain. It got in your brain through repetition of a lie so get it back out with repetition of the truth.

In the year 2018 Social Security stops running a surplus. That is the “crisis.” In fact, they say it happens in 2018 based on calculations that assume very slow growth. If growth is normal that date moves WAY out. And if other things happen, like raising the minimum wage, that date moves out because that would mean more people paying more into the system.

The so-called crisis is not that Social Security runs out of money. The “crisis” is that the government has to stop borrowing from your retirement savings. It has been borrowing from your retirement savings in order to provide huge tax cuts for the corporations and the rich. YOU pay a tax that corporations and the rich do not pay and THAT is what they have been living on! They are supposed to start paying you back and they are telling you that is a “crisis” that will require cutting your retirement checks.

Do. Not. Let. Them. Get. Away. With. It!