I’ll quit nagging when people quit being stupid

(I posted the below at Matt Yglesias. I’ve become sort of a one-note-Johnny on this issue, but Democrats seem to be having trouble figuring out what’s going on. One of the house conservatives over there was using Ward Churchill and the Berkeley left to slam the Democrats. I begin with one of the characteristically weenie Democratic responses.):

“But there is in fact a small number of truly anti-Western, anti-democratic, leftists who tend to be rather loud and obnoxious and sometimes drag well-meaning liberals into the gutter with them. “

Instapundit was being deliberately misleading in trying to smear the Democratic Party with these people — people who all hate the Democratic Party. That’s the main point here — some of us want to correct the record, and some of us want to echo the smear.

On a binary up-and-down single-issue vote, politics does make strange bedfellows. That’s where the ANSWER problem came from.

Compare: the Republicans agree with the American Nazi Party on affirmative action. But they’ve also been very successful in keeping the racists within the party — in 2000 the right-wing parties got .7% of the vote, and you know that there are more rightwing loonies than that. (Nader got 2.7%. Switch the numbers and Gore wins solidly).

The neo-Confederates, Armageddonists, WW-IV hawks, and anti-tax anarchists are members in good standing of the Republican Party, and they comprise a significant proportion of its support. I doubt seriously that Churchill is even a Democrat at all.

When Instapundit, and Robert Conquest, and Armed Liberal, and John Hinderaker, and Andrew Sullivan make these kinds of accusations, they are disgracing themselves by launching a classically deceptive smear campaign. The way to combat this is NOT to say “Well, you know, they do have a point”

They do not have a point. What they do have is an advantage (since Dubya’s re-election), and while they have that advantage they are going to use lies to try to destroy their political opposition entirely (which Grover Norquist has stated as a goal).

The liberal tendency to discuss everything reasonably, and say “yes, but” and “the truth is somewhere in between”, etc., etc., does not work when you’re confronted with an ideological goon squad. I’m not sure that the Democrats of today will ever be able to learn that lesson. It’s a different ball game than it used to be, and people aren’t getting the word.


“Cookie” in the comments reports that Churchill has been blackballed by the AIM and is suspected of having been a undercover agent for years., and also that his tribal membership with the Keetoowah Cherokee has been questioned. I’m not able to judge the facts here, but it’s pretty clear that Churchill represents only himself (plus whoever actually chooses to endorse his views.)

Another Wurlitzer scam. Instapundit is a liar.