If They Really Have Weapons of Mass Destruction, We’ll Need the Draft

If Carl Rove wants to use a war to manipulate an election, maybe the Democrats should wake up the country with a dose of reality. The Democrats should point out that if we’re really going to start a war in the Middle East, we had best get the draft in place first. War is serious business and unpredictable things can happen. War is not a TV show.

If things go wrong, like if Iraq really DOES have the “weapons of mass destruction” that are the justification for this war, we’re going to need the draft to replace the tens of thousands of troops that could be lost. That’s why they’re called “weapons of mass destruction,” and that’s supposed to be why we’re going in. If that’s the reality of the reason we’re going in we need to be ready for the reality of their use. Best to go in prepared, having the draft in place. (It’s unspoken that this war isn’t really going to be a big deal, which means it’s unspoken and accepted that Iraq doesn’t REALLY have or wont really use these weapons! It seems to be accepted that this is just a pretext – we certainly aren’t ready for the reality.)

I think that a dose of reality, and the whisper of the need for a draft, might just change the “Bush advantage” on war issues. There’s a reason war used to be considered a bad thing.