If It Were Clinton…

Saw at Atrios:

Retired Guard officer says he saw some files discarded in trash

Retired National Guard Lt. Col. Bill Burkett said Tuesday that in 1997, then-Gov. Bush’s chief of staff, Joe Allbaugh, told the National Guard chief to get the Bush file and make certain “there’s not anything there that will embarrass the governor.”

Col. Burkett said that a few days later at Camp Mabry in Austin, he saw Mr. Bush’s file and documents from it discarded in a trash can. He said he recognized the documents as retirement point summaries and pay forms.

Does anyone remember how the press went absolutely nuts with the lie about records being “shredded” at the Rose law firm, where Hillary Clinton had worked? Does anyone remember the Congressional investigations? How about Hillary’s “missing billing records?” This was one subject of a special prosecutor investigation!

How is this different?

Here’s how it is different: Bush is not a Democrat. That’s all there is to it. That’s all the press or the Congress needs.