If Bush Wins

I think that if Bush wins, we’re all going to have to make individual decisions

whether to forget about politics, to struggle on as lonely dissidents in the face

of increasing intimidation, or to emigrate as our ancestors did when they came


I’ve already received a solicitation from an EU recruiter looking for talented and

skilled Americans, and it’s a darn shame that I’m not talented or skilled. (Every

nation has its own supply of disgruntled political polemicists). I think that Bush’s

election would trigger an exodus somewhat comparable to the Jews’ exodus from

Spain and Germany or the Huguenots’ exodus from France. I hope that there’s

someone out there preparing to welcome us.

Once reelected, I expect Bush to get worse rather than better. He will have won by

dint of a moron fluff campaign, without having having made any significant concessions

to moderate Republicans or rational conservatives, and he will thus have a four-year

blank check. I would expect a draft, an expanded Middle East war, the demolition of

the New Deal (sooner rather than later), and increasing police-state measures against

American citizens. (Many of the provisions of the Patriot Act have never been used yet).

I have been mostly arguing against defeatism up until now, but if we can’t beat Bush this

year I don’t see how we will ever be able to do so. The second victory will ratify Bush’s

policies, just as Reagan’s second victory did, and upon reelection he and his team (with

the help of movement-conservative thugs) will work effectively to turn the U.S. into a

one-party state.

No, Bush isn’t Hitler. History doesn’t repeat itself, and I don’t really expect Bush to try to

murder millions of Americans. I do think that he’ll turn out to be some kind of lesser fascist,

like Admiral Horthy or Francisco Franco.