If Alito Is On The Supreme Court

There’s a good movie at Alito’s America about the stakes in this battle over the deciding Supreme Court vote.
Yes, the next judge will be the deciding vote, and Alito sides with the hard-right. Most important votes lately have been decided 5-4, with moderate Republican appointees voting one way and hard-right Republican appointees voting another. (That’s right, they are mostly Republican appointees – elections do matter.)
The moderates have been winning many important cases with five votes. (Except the hard-right won and put Bush in office.) If Alito is confirmed for the court the balance will tip to 5-4 AGAINST many things you take for granted like environmental protection, civil rights, a woman’s right to choose, corporate domination of everything, worker safety laws, etc. All of these had been decided 5-4. It really is that close. You really do need to talk to people about this.

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