I Never Seem To Learn

I never seem to learn. Why do I bother to even look at stuff like this anymore? Written by Howard Fineman should be a clue… The results of the Right’s “conventional wisdom” machine – targeted straight at people like Fineman – at work before my eyes.

But the 477 DNC members who choose the party chair haven’t settled on a leader of the 2005 version of the Anybody But Dean movement. For now, the front-running alternative is former congressman Martin Frost of Texas, a pro-labor moderate with a lifetime of traditional organizing who survived 13 terms in Dallas before the GOP redistricted him into oblivion. He’s followed by Simon Rosenberg, a young Washington-based fund-raiser and strategist who claims to be as digitized and Net-friendly as Dean?and yet more popular than Dean among the bloggers, who are emerging as new grass-roots powers in the party. Pro-lifer Tim Roemer is also running.

Front-running alternative-to-Dean Martin Frost? Front-running?

The rest of the piece is just barely-readable mush (if you know anything about the subject he is covering). I suspect what is going on here is that the guy gets paid well, but has to come up with something every week. So he sends them stuff like this. Also, he has to write things that fit inside of his editors’ understanding of what is going on in the world – their own views cooked by the “conventional wisdom” machine – so he has to write in divisive contradictory trivialities. Like this:

“As for Dean, he is playing it cool and trying to soothe fears within the citadel he may soon occupy. He has vowed not to run for president in ’08 if elected chair? — a kind of backhanded bribe that may induce many DNC members to vote for him.”

The DNC delegates dislike Dean so much that they will put him in charge of the party just to keep him from running for President. What?

No wonder it was linked by Drudge.