I Must Have Too Much Free Time

I’m going to write about Peet’s again because I like to go out to a coffeeshop, sit down, get a GOOD coffee and get some work done. And Peet’s has great coffee. Really, really good coffee. In my opinion you can not get better coffee. If you don’t live near a Peet’s you should order some beans online and try them.
But Peet’s refuses to put wireless in their coffee shops! I have rarely seen a more obvious case of a problem with management of a company. They “get” beans. They don’t “get” coffee shops at all. On the one hand, they are expanding their outlets, so they at least have the appearance of wanting a coffee shop presense. But at the same time they do nothing to make their coffee shops into places people want to go to and sit down. A Peet’s employee today told me they aren’t getting wireless because they think they have enough customers. There were no other customers in the shop at the time.
Meanwhile their main competition Starbucks does such a good job creating a comfortable environment for their customers to enjoy. You feel welcome in a Starbucks and most Starbucks I have been in have been great places to work. Peets’ problem with refusing to get wireless is just one example. They finally decided to put some chairs in a few of their coffee shops, but … Oh never mind. I guess I have too much free time.
Other people writing about this, too. Starbucks Gossip: Peet’s is never going to get wi-fi, says employee, (read the comments!!). (I do want to say that Peet’s employees are just great, it’s not the empolyees it’s the management that doesn’t “get” how to set up an environment that people want to be in.)

3 thoughts on “I Must Have Too Much Free Time

  1. They apparently just want to sell beans. When I still shopped at Peets, I would rarely get a cup of coffee, only beans. I think that’s what they want. They sure *act like* that’s what they want.
    I don’t shop at Peets anymore because I needed some beans on, I guess it was New Years Day a few years ago. Peets was closed but the Starbucks down the street that I had been avoiding for years was open. I bought Starbucks’s Decaf Sumatran beans and they were (and still are) *by far* the best decaf beans I’ve ever had.
    As much as we all hate the idea of Starbucks (and believe me I *hate* the idea of Starbucks), the fact is that they sell better beans, cheaper, in a better environment than Peets ever has.
    Also, I disagree with you about the employees at Peets. I used to have a bad time with some idiot at Peets at least once every couple of months. I have never, not once, had any problem with a Starbucks employee. I doubt that Peets is any better than Starbucks at employee relations, since when I still shopped there I don’t think I ever saw a single employee more than three times before they were gone. This is pretty much true at Starbucks, but at least the short-timers there are better trained.

  2. I used to live in Northern CA in a college town that had Peets. There, the coffee was always fresh and dynamite. Now, in Southern CA, I cannot find a Peets with fresh coffee that lasts. I note that the beans are not fresh and out of frustration, I tried to order via mail order. The beans were stale and I gave up. Also, an LA employee said that Peets is shifting its policy in using older beans rather than getting rid of them in lieu of fresher roasted beans.

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    I’m at a Starbucks (read why) and there are two Silicon Valley business types near me (one in a suit) talking about reading Ayn Rand. Talking in all earnestness about how government is a disease that “6-year-old minds” need. They’re…

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