I Met Joe Trippi!

I met Joe Trippi (Gov. Dean’s campaign manager) at a Dean fundraising event yesterday. He reads Seeing the Forest.

I told him I need to say this: “My mother lives a few blocks from the World Trade Center in Manhattan. Please don’t let the Bush people get away with politicizing 9/11.” I know that was corny, but I meant it. It’s personal. My mother had to breath that cloud that rose after the buildings fell, and now we learn that Bush ordered the EPA to lie, and they told the public not to worry about what they were breathing. One day we will know the consequences of that lie, when we learn whether all the people who took no precautions — because they were assured it was OK — were harming their health.

I saw a few things on TV over the weekend looking back on the Trade Center attacks. It brought it back, and made me really mad to think about how Bush has used that event to push a right-wing agenda, and to attack Iraq! Then they used it to manipulate the 2002 elections. And now they’ve moved their convention into September in Manhattan so they can make the association with 9/11 in the public’s mind. They should not get away with using that tragedy as they did. It should be exposed as blatant politicizing of a tragedy and the entire nation should react by turning every single Republican out of office.

Oh yeah, there was another guy at the Dean fundraiser yesterday — Dean. He spoke shortly after President Bush’s speech. Before he came out to speak he was giving press interviews nationally, in response to the President’s speech. (Fortunately, too, because if he had come out when scheduled the sun would have been directly behind him as he spoke.) He was excellent. If you ever, ever get a chance to go see Gov. Dean speak live, do not miss it. This was the fourth time I have attended an event where he spoke. I am more convinced than ever that he is the right person at the right time.

The event was a “Garden Party” at Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s house in San Jose. They had a pretty good turnout: the $100 even attracted 1,200 people. Rep. Lofgren said that was the cutoff because there wasn’t more room, and upwards of 2,000 people wanted to come. That’s $120,000, and it’s NOT from 60 $2,000 donors. (They DID have a $1,000+ donor reception as well, before the garden event. I don’t know how much was raised.)

This is being done the RIGHT way! The RIGHT way to beat Bush and the corporate money people is for lots of regular people to get involved and win with “people power.”