I lied: a bleg

OK, I lied. I swore off blogging a week or so ago, and I really tried to quit, but I’m obsessive. Dave predicted this.

So anyway, I’m trying to figure out how to keep on going at least until the election. In order to do that I’ll have to put a quick patch on the various deficits that impelled me to quit. One of them is an obsolescent, parasite-ridden, software-defective computer showing signs of impending hardware death. I need to replace it more or less immediately, or the question of blogging will become moot.

Another is just money to live on. I have a part time job for the rest of the month, but no prospects after that, and if I have to work and jobhunt both that will cramp me a lot. I have a small steady income, but it doesn’t really support me, so I always need a little more. Unfortunately I’ve been falling behind for months as I madly blogged along, and the day of reckoning has arrived.

And finally, I’ve been asking myself whether I haven’t really been taking my political writing too seriously as my finances deteriorated. I really don’t have much of an idea whether my writing means much of anything to anyone else. During my first year I was happy to just vent, but during the second year I’ve been hoping for it to become more than that. So I could use a vote of confidence.

So anyway, if you feel like it, chip in here: the tarsier (little bugeyed animal) is the paypal button. I realize that the campaign season is the worst time for almost everyone here, but in a way I suppose that this is also a referendum about the validity of the internet as a political tool.


John Emerson / Zizka

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