I confess: like all liberals, I am morally and intellectually bankrupt

From Eloquent Thomas on Majikthise:

You see, morons, you are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

How did Thomas find this out? Because it’s true!
A few days ago the moral and intellectual credit card company filed moral and intellectual liens on my moron house and my moron car. They had raised my moral and intellectual credit limit higher and higher as I went further into moral and intellectual debt, and when eventually I couldn’t even pay the 25% moral and intellectual interest rate, they sent the moral and intellectual repo man after my sorry moron ass. And the rest is history.

4 thoughts on “I confess: like all liberals, I am morally and intellectually bankrupt

  1. Yeah, that really sucks. What really sucked was the paper I had to sign that declared that since I was now morally and intellectually bankrupt, I had to forfeit the autonomy of my uterus. I heard that the American Family Association was the highest bidder when it was put up for auction.
    Great post by the way!

  2. Well, it’s nice of you to quote me.
    And, yes it’s true.
    Democrats are not mired in losing because they can’t get their message across. We know the message: (1) Marxist feminism, (2) gay worship, and (3) hatred of the military.
    You’re better off if Americans are too aware of the Democrat’s message. The more they know about you, the worse off you’ll be.

  3. Thomas:
    I’m not always a defender of the Democrats. The thing that makes them pathetic is their inability to confront Bush.
    Bush’s support has now fallen to 36%, which is the baseline. People like you: blind kneejerk fake patriots and gut thinkers who don’t even notice how badly Bush is governing and how dishonest he is. are apparently willing to follow the Republicans off a cliff and take the country with you.
    So I have hope for the country, but not because of the Democrats and not because of you and your angry stereotypes.

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