Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

Go read Kim Cranston: Humanity’s Greatest Challenge and Its Solution. This is an excellent and important post pointing out that the failure is not as much solving the scientific problems, but that our institutions aren’t even able to agree to start trying to.

Our greatest challenge is that our institutions can’t resolve any of these challenges, let alone prioritize climate change as the challenge that poses the greatest threat if we don’t act immediately. Until we address the crisis of the failure of our institutions to resolve the significant challenges we face, don’t expect progress on any of them.
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Can democracy survive complexity? That is what this [energy-environment] problem represents. It is so difficult. It is multi-scale, multidisciplinary, with large certainty in some areas and small certainty in others. It is irreversible and reversible and we won’t know how we did until it is over. We will only know forty years later. That is why climate complexity is a challenge to democracy. Democracy is short term.”

Exactly. Go read.