Human Food Contaminated – Where Is The Noise?!

Pet food recall: I was wrong,

When I started covering the pet food recall … I thought that if this had happened to human food, it would have been taken more seriously.

But no, now we know it IS in the human food chain, and it is NOT being taken seriously. We haven’t even banned grain and other food imports from China until this is sorted out!

2 thoughts on “Human Food Contaminated – Where Is The Noise?!

  1. These additives may cause you to toss your cookies, lose your kidneys or your child but as the post pointed out, these cute little ‘low level’ amounts haven’t been tested in combination. So, FDA seems unconcerned as it partitions them along not understanding that metabolic gatekeepers could be created here as they bind together with the potential that nutrition blocked = lowered IQ’s, personality disorders, birth defects. That’s the long term exposure effect we need to remind the FDA about before they finish writing the book on this.

  2. We haven’t even banned grain and other food imports from China until this is sorted out!

    The FDA has banned (“import alert without physical inspection”) Chinese wheat gluten, rice gluten, corn gluten, soy gluten, concentrates made from the foregoing, rice bran, and other grain-based ingredients originating in China. We actually import very little grain per se from China—mostly ingredients made from grain. This is the same thing as Canada has done and it would appear to be the prudent minimum.
    I’ve been posting about this nearly daily for the last five weeks and IMO we really need a country-of-origin labelling requirement for all ingredients in food, human and animal in this country along with the enforcement mechanisms to go with it. That and consumer awareness could achieve the same effect you’re looking for with a complete ban at a fraction of the cost.

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