Hullabaloo Link

Digby is linking to YOU Will Be Called A Terrorist, which has scrolled down.

And a comment. At Seeing the Forest we have a rule: If Republicans are accusing others of something, it is a damn good bet that they are the ones doing what they are accusing. The accusation is a tactic sometimes called “self-acquital” or “immunization.” Also called “a good offence is the best defense” and a “smokescreen.” It works because of the way people think: when you are being accused of something it looks pretty silly if you start accusing the accuser of the same thing. Another reason it works is by distraction and redirection — the focus goes to the accused rather than on what is going on here.

There are so many examples of this … Republicans accusing Democrats of excessive partisanship. Republicans accusing Democrats of negative campaigning. Republicans accusing Democrats of hating the military and avoiding service. Republicans accusing Democrats of wanting “big government” while growing the government faster than ever before. Just think back to all the cases where this tactic applies!