Huckabee – Heh

It’s hard to dislike this guy. Watch this:

And read this GREAT column today from David Sirota,

Stay Classy, Mike Huckabee
[. . .]
Recall that the media portrays Bush’s alliance with the religious right as proof of his convictions. Huckabee’s alliance with the same religious right is subtly cast as a sign of supposed ignorance. Bush’s rhetorical gaffes are often painted as endearing — evidence that despite his silver-spoon pedigree, he is the authentic “average American man” thinking “in a common-sense way,” as Republican commentator Peggy Noonan wrote. Huckabee? The Weekly Standard calls him “a village idiot” and a “rube,” while Noonan derides him for “populist manipulation.”
Bush, you see, was always an aristocrat underneath the “windshield cowboy” veneer. He is the son of a president, a Skull-and-Bones man — ruling class all the way.
Huckabee, on the other hand, is a real-life regular guy. He views religion as more than just a convenient political cudgel, truly did pull himself “up from the bootstraps” — and his class grievances are personal. The well-heeled narcissists in the media and political Establishment are appalled. They see Huckabee as a country bumpkin getting uppity.

AND, is this ad brilliant, or what?

Democrats, you’d better be ready for what’s coming. This is another Ronald Reagan. If we don’t start stating progressive VALUES and the BENEFITS of progressive values, we’re toast. No more lists of issues, like you’re trying to buy groceries, please.

2 thoughts on “Huckabee – Heh

  1. Brilliant if you consider most Americans dim witted enough to believe an ad that says one thing but in its substance is a lie. There are so many things to despise about this candidate and a Democratic candidate worth their salt would clean the floor with him.

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