Howard Dean vs. Harry Reid

I just started a food fight over at MyDD. Already on the recommend list, Howard Dean Is Wrong Because He’s Right, wherein I accuse Harry Reid of moral cowardice and challenge the DLC Sockpuppets at DLC Sockpuppet Central to bring it on.
Stop by and participate in our national dialogue about the soul of the Democratic Party.

2 thoughts on “Howard Dean vs. Harry Reid

  1. And we kicked butt on the DLC Clowns at dkos, Howard Dean vs. Harry Reid
    They didn’t even bother coming over to MyDD and wisely so. It’s time for Harry Reid to get on the same side of the aisle as Howard Dean, Jack Murtha and Russ Feingold.
    I came up with a New Rule!
    The DNC Chair has a God given right to be at least as critical of a Republican President as another Republican.

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