5 thoughts on “Howard Dean Speaks For Me

  1. Dean was on C-SPAN today. He definitely speaks for me. This was a meeting of the DNC and he’s doing an excellent job of getting it organized.

  2. Ok,Pericles,I’m not in a good mood right now..and, I’ve seen your name a little too often with the nasty comments.I’ll tell you who I am and where I come from, then you tell me what the hell gives you the right to be so damn nasty.
    You don’t seem to me to be a very worthwhile person to listen to.However,I and we will maybe listen if you have something to say that is worthwhile.
    This is what I can say about my life…I and my husband have worked our butts off.Up every morning befor the crack of dawn and at work by 6am in his case and 6:30 in mine.Then…physical labor..you know the kind that makes your old muscles hurt by the end of the day.Or maybe you don’t, I’ll give you the benifit of that doubt.We’re regular old labor.Oh my goodness, the people that do the actual work in this world… not the academics…the labor force.That’s where we come from.We’re not young.We’re 56 and 55 years of age with no end in sight.Last time I checked our soc. security updade we’ll be working till we’re about 102…or thereabouts….
    I’m ready…no, more then ready for someone to start speaking for me.You damn right I am.Bigot?You really need to explain that one.So you do that, you tell me about you.

  3. Kay – I don’t remember seeing comments from you here before but I could have missed them. Please come back often. We love hearing from you. Go Dr. Dean! You speak for me.

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