Howard Dean House Parties Tomorrow

This is a little bit short notice, but this story in today’s news prompts me to write — GOP: Dean’s Support of Gays Will Hurt Him

WASHINGTON – Supporters of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign will be celebrating Saturday’s third anniversary of his signing of the nation’s only law giving gay partners the same legal rights as married couples.

The loudest cheering, though, might come from Republicans.

Dean, a former Vermont governor, is touting his signing of the civil unions law. His campaign is helping organize more than 50 fund-raisers at the homes of supporters across the country Saturday to celebrate the anniversary, with Dean making conference calls to the guests.

Several of Dean’s rivals for the Democratic nomination also are speaking out in support of increased rights and acceptance of gays. But many Republicans say strong support for gays will backfire in the general election and help President Bush (news – web sites) win more conservative and southern states.

Richard White, a Republican state senator from Mississippi, said any candidate talking about gay rights might as well not even visit his state.

“The people down here, they are not going to put up with that kind of stuff,” White said. “We’re not prepared for all that in Mississippi or anywhere else in the southern states.”

Ah yes, the Party of the Confederacy trying to tell us all how to live our lives. Read the article, there’s more.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is National House Party Day for Howard Dean, starting several days of events to, as the campaign puts it, “Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Governor Dean signing the Vermont Civil Union Law and his stand as a Democratic Presidential candidate for equal rights”. House parties are local events in people’s houses to bring together supporters and raise funds for the campaign. There are also larger (fundraising) events in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York during the week. I know that in San Francisco there is a “Greet Dean” rally outside before that event, Tuesday. That’s at 6pm in front of the Ferry Building.

Click this to find a house party in your area. Use the pop-up menu next to “City:” to choose the city nearest you.

There is also a Dean for America Students page listing campus events. From the page:

Campus action across the country on April 26th:

Berkeley University. . .Scream for Dean and Ice Cream!

Carleton College. . .BBQ with Live Bluegrass Music

College of Charleston. . .Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

University of Chicago. . .Donuts for Dean

Georgia Students for Dean. . .Wild Poster Campaign!

Harvard. . .Posters! Posters! Posters!

University of Houston. . .Scream for Dean and Ice Cream

Lewis and Clark. . .Rock for Dean Concert

University of Pennsylvania. . .”Meet & Greet” with Ben & Jerry’s

Stanford. . .Dean and Ice cream!!!

SUNY Albany. . .Friendly Dinner at Friendly’s Diner

University of Tennessee, Knoxville. . .Cook-out for Dean

Tulane College. . .Liberalpalooza Promo

University of Wisconsin at Madison. . .”Party in the Park” Promo