How To Start a War

Thanks to Tom Tomorrow for pointing to this article about the previous Iraq war.

When George Bush Sr. was trying to whip us into war with Iraq he tried out one story after another. He even said at one point that Saddam was “worse than Hitler”. One would fizzle and he would try the next one. Eventually there was a story about the Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators, and we went to war. Except it never happened. The story was manufactured by a PR firm, Hill & Knowlton. Here’s a link to a fairly extensive description of the Hill & Knowlton incubator story. Here, here and here are more links to this story.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have gone into that war. Maybe we should have. After the war the inspectors did find (and destroyed) chemical, biological and nuclear weapons development facilities. But we went into that war with a U.N. mandate and a multi-national force. That was THE WORLD deciding to do something about Iraq. We were part of a world effort – Iraq was not a threat to us and we were RESPONDING to an action by Iraq.

THIS time we are not responding to anything Iraq has done, we would be distracting from the war on terrorism. (The confederate yahoos who support Bush don’t know better than to think Iraq was responsible for 9/11.)