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A while back I wrote a post, Who Is The Crazy Person In The Room? talking about how regular people think YOU are demented or something if you try to describe what’s going on with the Republicans in Washington.
I’m now not on speaking terms with a relative because I told her that the head of the CIA (and now the CIA’s Executive Director) resigned immediately after news hit the papers about a defense contractor paying bribes and providing prostitutes… This relative is a DEMOCRAT who can’t stand Bush. But I’m a “conspiracy theorist” and Bush-hater who “makes things up” for trying to say that the CIA resignations might be related to the corruption/prostitution scandal or that only Repubicans are involved in this Congressional corruption thing.
People don’t want to believe this stuff is going on, and the Republicans know it and use it for cover. People want to think that things are going on as usual, that “everybody does it,” and the “pendulum will swing back,” etc. They have to fit what’s going on into comfortable, understood boxes in the brain. That’s why the “Democrats took money, too” lie is so powerful.
Stepping back from the hyper-informed world we live in here in the blogosphere and thinking about regular, average Americans, how do we reach them? How do we break through the Fox News conventional wisdom, “the media is liberal” and things are normal thinking to let people know that something very different is happening in Washington? Is it even possible?

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  1. Dave-
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for a couple of years now and I really don’t know. Average folks have routines in life and want to believe that everything going okay, within reason anyway – as you described.
    To present “real facts” to them and show that this is certainly not “normal” what is going on out there, makes them uncomfortable… and yeah, they tend to think I’m the crazy one. I guess maybe I am crazy, but I know there are millions more who see things exactly the same.
    I guess we can only hope that the television news media starts laying out the facts soon, because that’s the only place these people get their information. If they hear from their favorite most trusted news anchor that they have been lied to about just about everything by their government, maybe it will set in.
    We can only hope.

  2. I sense some despair in those questions contained in the last paragraph, Dave. And I ask myself the exact same questions in Australia.
    Btw: like Randy Holm, I don’t know how to answer them.

  3. I guess we can only hope that the television news media starts laying out the facts soon, because that’s the only place these people get their information.
    Once again, that blind naivete. The corporate media is NOT alseep, incompetent, lazy, cowed, or any of the other crazy things people believe about them. They are doing their jobs EXACTLY AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. They are not called the CORPORATE MEDIA for nothing. They directly support the interests and long-term goals of their corporate bosses.
    Have you ever worked for a corporation? How long did you stay employed (let alone rise to the lucrative summit of careerist heaven) after you made it clear that you often would fail to advance the corporate interests? (In case you were wondering, yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.)

  4. It’s time to start a “why didn’t we know this?” campaign. I’m trying to get one going in my hometown.
    When you make calls to talk radio or write letters to the editor to your local papers, mention something that people in your area care about but don’t know, like the stealth move by Congress to raise the debt ceiling to almost ten trillion dollars and ask “why didn’t we know about this?”
    I think that it is really important to plant a seed in the mind of our fellow citizens that we aren’t being informed about the things that affect us in our daily lives.
    We spend almost a billion dollars a day on interest to foreign governments on our National debt, but we are closing schools and Congress is giving another seventy million dollars to the wealthiest Americans. Why didn’t we know about this?
    President Bush ABOLISHED the counterterrorism task force and he put Dick Cheney in Charge of counter terrorism three weeks after he took office in 2001, why didn’t we know this?
    President Bush fixed FEMA before it didn’t work during Katrina, why didn’t we know this?
    Congress gave the EPA permission to do pesticide testing on abused and neglected kids, why didn’t we know about this?
    You get the drift.

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